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When a team fails because of lack of proper Scrum training, and this turns them against Scrum

One of the problems that I have seen in some teams is the lack of proper Scrum training. The way it mostly works is that a team comes into contact with another team which has implemented Scrum (or has been implementing Scrum for some time), and the other team believes that Scrum is something that […]

Scrum Failure – When teams take Scrum, but only half-heartedly, and then realize that their Scrum does not work

As part of discussions within the organization, and with other Scrum Masters from other organizations where Scrum is implemented, one of the biggest problems that are discussed is why there are ‘Scrum failures’, or cases where the Scrum implementation seems to have failed. In a number of cases, we find that the Scrum implementation had […]

Scrum failure – Team giving up Scrum since short term problems make them give up hope

For teams that follow a rigid structure of a project manager -> project leads -> project team members, and where the decision making is concentrated in the hands of the leads and the project manager, the structure can seem a very rigid structure with little flexibility. When such a team decides that the advantages promised […]

Scrum failure – trying to get a Business Analyst to play the role of a Product Owner

One of the biggest problems in trying to do Scrum projects is when an existing team is sought to be converted to using Scrum methodology. Consider the case where the team has a Project Manager to run the project, and Business Analysts to convert the requirements into specific documentation that the developer team can use. […]