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Scrum is destined to fail when the team obeys their managers in a high pressure, high fear environment

Scrum normally deals with teams that have been made empowered, with teams having a lot of authority to decide the time allocation for tasks, progress on a regular basis, and even the way the tasks have been prioritized within a Sprint (although the User Stories between Sprints is decided by the Product Owner and written in the Product Backlog).
However, in many teams, the way that the teams work is very different from that of a Scrum team. For teams that are under pressure to deliver a large number of feature in a limited time period, the managers can get to be very hands on; working out the amount of time that the team members spend on each feature, monitoring the progress of these tasks by the team members on a regular basis (multiple times within the same day). If a member is delaying the task completion, it can upset the schedule and you will be able to find the manager or the leads working with the team members to ensure that the task is done. Delays can lead to the team member regularly spending 12-14 hour days, and working on the weekends to ensure that the task is done. These teams work under high pressure, and the team member works to the dot on what they have been assigned, leaving aside any amount of initiative. The relations between the team members (and between the Dev and QE can be strained on a regular basis).
If such teams are moved to using the Scrum methodology, even after some amount of Scrum training (where the team managers are interested with the possibility of improving the predictability of task completion using Scrum). However, in such teams, the team members are totally unused to the concept of initiative, being able to estimate tasks, working with the Product Owner to understand the User Story and break this down into tasks. If such teams try to move into using Scrum, both the team members and the team managers / leads will find it hard to get used to the different sort of initiative and responsibility required in Scrum,

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