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What are some of the benefits that a Scrum coach brings to the Scrum team ?

For a team that has not implemented Scrum in the past, there can be many issues related to Scrum that manifest themselves, and which are not really solvable by the team. These can be because of the differences between Scrum and the other software development methodologies followed by the team, because of the different roles of the team members, the level of empowerment, and so on. In many cases, the team members are not able to solve these problems (or may not even really realize that these are problems), but these affect the productivity of the team. It is possible that the team knows that there is a problem, but are not able to solve them. In all such cases, a Scrum coach can provide a lot of help to identify issues, work with the team so that they can understand what the problems are, and work towards coming up with solutions that are implementable by the team members. Here are some benefits that a Scrum coach can bring to the team:
– The coach can provide a huge help to the managers and leads of the team in working through the issues faced by the team members. In the normal course of operations, when the team members run into issues, it is the managers and leads of the team who try to solve such issues, and in many cases, they also do not have the expertise to work through the scrum process related issues. In such cases, it is the Scrum coach who can make the difference in terms of having the expertise and the patience to work through the problems of the team and solve them.
– Coaches can provide experience on a regular basis to the various team members in terms of Scrum best practices, past known issues that come to Scrum teams and how to solve them. This type of regular coaching provides a huge amount of experience to the Scrum team members and also give them confidence that problems they may be facing are known problems and can be solved.

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