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What are some of the benefits that a Scrum coach brings to the Scrum team ? – Part 2

In this post, I will continue from some of the items that I discussed in the previous post (Coach and Scrum team), and continue more points on the benefits that a Scrum Coach brings to the Scrum team. So, here goes:
– When a Scrum team faces issues, the Scrum coach acts like a person with an outside view. Whether it be the Scrum Master, or the managers of the team, they all are very deeply involved with the team and may be able to see the problems in the proper perspective. On the other hand, a Scrum coach is not so deeply involved with the operations of the team, and also has the experience of multiple issues that happen in Scrum teams; these properties give the Scrum coach a unique perspective in being able to solve problems. This kind of expertise makes the Scrum coach an invaluable person to have.
– A Scrum coach is typically not subject to the same organizational structures and hierarchy that people from within the team are, and as a result, the Scrum Coach is also not likely to pull their punches when they see some problems. These can be in terms of organizational issues, interference from stakeholders, wrong policies, and so on. These may be necessary for the problem to get solved, but somebody from within the team may not have the political clout to point out the correct problem and get solutions in place.
– When a team sees that a Scrum coach is in place, it is part of the message to the team that the organization is serious about the implementation of the Scrum methodology, including finding out Scrum issues, and indeed about solving them, no matter where the problems lie (within limitations, since not every problem can be solved easily, some can be organizational issues or other such issues that are much more difficult to solve). When team members see such an environment in place, they are more likely to contribute the ideas and their views of problems that the Scrum team actually faces; this can make a huge difference to the success of the Scrum team – and some part of this can be attributed to the presence of the Scrum coach.
– A Scrum coach is a person whose main function is to learn more about how to make Scrum teams successful, who learns more about issues that can reduce the efficiency of a Scrum team or derail their progress. Having such an expert with a Scrum team greatly increases the chance that the Scrum team will be more successful.

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