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Some of the tasks undertaken by a Scrum coach – Part 2

In a previous post (tasks of a Scrum coach), I had started outlining some of the tasks that a Scrum coach needs to handle. In this post, I will continue on the same topic and add more points that a Scrum coach undertakes:
– One of the key items that coaches can work on is towards sensitizing senior management about the Scrum team (and when I mean senior managers, I mean in terms of Group Heads or Business Unit heads rather than Vice-Presidents). For teams that start with Scrum projects, the initial few months can be challenging. Teams can run against organizational issues, they may not be able to deliver as well as was expected from them, and the empowerment that the Scrum team has may not sit well with everybody (especially when senior managers do not have details of how the Scrum team works, and what the changes involved are). The Scrum coach plays an important role, getting into the mode of providing inputs and some form of summary training to the senior management. The Scrum coach is also an important person for them to get their queries clarified, especially when they are frustrated if the teams are not delivering as they are expected to do.
– The Scrum coach has the authority to question all those practices and methods that can impact the Scrum team. No group is perfect, so when a team starts implementing Scrum, they make some assumptions. And there are certain organizational processes that can impact the functioning of the team as well. In all such cases, the Scrum coach is able to identify that all such assumptions and practices that can impact the functioning of the Scrum team and question them. He / She can suggest changes and push for those changes that would benefit the Scrum team.
– A Scrum coach networks with other Scrum coaches from other teams and other organizations and learns about issues that other teams face, and also learns best practices that can be passed onto their teams. Overall, a Scrum coach becomes the liaison with other teams and becomes a center of excellence. Such experience is invaluable in terms of helping resolve issues faced by the team, as well as increasing their efficiency.

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