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Some of the properties to look for in a Scrum coach – Part 1

In previous posts, I have mentioned about the importance of the Scrum coach. In this post, I am going to trying to provide more details on what a Scrum coach needs to do. You can find a lot of people who claim to be Scrum coaches, but whether you are finding the best person for your team and organization can take a bit of time. Since the Scrum coach can effectively make or break your Scrum team and have a huge impact on the productivity of the Scrum teams in your organization, it is important that you take the right amount of time and effort in order to get a Scrum coach that meets your needs. So how do you find a Scrum coach:
– A good Scrum coach should project an air of being an expert in Scrum. A coach should be a person who seems enthusiastic about the teaching of Scrum, who believes that Scrum is the way to do software development. If a Scrum coach has doubts or seems to project an air of less than competency, then such a Scrum coach is probably not the right choice for you. A Scrum coach would consider it terribly important to ensure that every Scrum team is successful in its effort, all issues that the team is facing are resolved as best as possible.
– Scrum coaches have a good amount of experience and a lot of knowledge about the various processes involved in Scrum teams. You want a Scrum coach who seems to have experience in the issues you may face, and is able to use the right techniques to solve your problems. For this purpose, the Scrum coach you hire for your team or organization should have a wide amount of experience in solving Scrum issues, know about the right set of processes and techniques to follow, and be able to guide your teams through these. The Scrum coach should be able to show their past experience in Scrum, their experience with different Scrum teams, be able to talk about difficult Scrum problems they have solved (and this experience should seem believable). If you have team members who have been working on Scrum, some amount of discussion with them can help determine easily whether the Scrum coach has a good amount of experience. Do not compromise on this, since the Scrum coach you hire can mean the success or failure of your Scrum teams.

I will provide more information on the properties that a Scrum coach should have in the next post ..

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