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Problem in Scrum: Inability to prioritize the architectural and design tasks – Part 1

Over a period of time, some of the discussions that I have had with fellow managers, and more specifically with managers who play the role of Scrum Masters come to a conclusion revealing a weakness in Scrum implementation. Projects where there is initial time spent on planning the architecture and design for the end project […]

When the Scrum Master acts on behalf of the team, commits tasks without consulting the team ..

There is a lot of confusion in Scrum teams about the boundaries of the role of the Scrum Master. For teams that have only recently moved over from some other project development methodology such as Waterfall, in a number of cases, the role of a Scrum Master is taken by one of the managers of […]

Difference in terms of client engagement in the case of Scrum ..

Dealing with a client is one of the most important elements in making a software project successful. In the classical Waterfall method, the initial interaction with the client is mainly done by the Business Specialists / Product Management team. They interface with the client, understand the requirements, and eventually end up preparing a massive and […]

How do you determine whether a team is just treating Scrum as a buzzword – Part 2

In the previous post (Scrum as a buzzword), I had mentioned how it can be determined whether the team is actually treating Scrum as a buzzword, or is actually serious about implementing Scrum. It is not that easy to determine whether a team is really serious or not, since in many cases, the team actually […]