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Has Scrum just become a buzzword, and not implemented with seriousness ?

A difficult question to answer in a complete way. There is no doubt that there were a lot of initial adopters who looked at their current processes, were not satisfied with the way things were going, or with the predictability of their processes, and were impressed by what they saw in Scrum. Many of these people were passionate about learning about Scrum, and being serious about the changes that were required, and hence were able to make about dramatic changes in their effectiveness. Failures were also there, but even the failures that came in were something that people learned from, and these in turn helped people to make it a success the second time around. Such people are the real experts that you find in the field of Scrum.
What do you have now ? Now, Scrum is seen as something that people see as a buzzword (I have personally known people who heard that there was something called Scrum, who felt that their existing processes may be tweaked to make their teams even more productive, and who decided that they would go towards making their team adopt Scrum). There was no study about what was wrong with their processes, about whether they really needed a change, and so on. Many of these teams then go through Scrum training, and some of the team members were not even convinced that a change is needed (the most predictable reaction is that somebody in management has learnt a new buzzword); as a result, the team is not fully behind the change, and when the responsibility for the work comes on the team members, their is a much higher risk that the team’s effort to implement Scrum will not work (or even worse, the team will implement Scrum, but not with full spirit, and not see any major improvement in the productivity of the team). This retards the progress of Scrum in the organization as a whole.

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