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How to define tasks for a User Story without spending a fair amount of time on these ?

We seem to find ourselves running into a fundamental problem during out Sprint planning meetings. Some of it is from our older methods, but partially it also seems to be a problem with the way we are using our Scrum processes. Consider the process before getting into Scrum. We would have a list of features […]

How to incorporate UI design as part of Scrum work, collaboration between Product Owner and UI Designer

If you want to ensure that your product / software application is successful, there are a number of things you need to care of. If you look at the success of many of Apple’s products such as the iPod, the iPad, iTunes, and the iPhone, it is about ensuring that your workflow appeals to customers, […]

The compromise between having a Product Owner who tries to detail out too much ..

Scrum suffers from problems where you have a Product Owner role that needs to have a person who has understood the role in good detail. In a lot of cases, just transitioning the role from that of a regular Product Management role to that of a Product Owner role takes some amount of getting used […]

Discord between the Scrum team and the Product Owner on the feature list priority

This particular post is more of an opinion rather than a stated part of the process (as far as the discussion that I have had with several Scrum Masters has led me to believe). The Scrum process outlines a role for the Product Owner to define the features of the product, and also to determine […]