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Discord between the Scrum team and the Product Owner on the feature list priority

This particular post is more of an opinion rather than a stated part of the process (as far as the discussion that I have had with several Scrum Masters has led me to believe). The Scrum process outlines a role for the Product Owner to define the features of the product, and also to determine the Product Backlog (the prioritization of the features that will be part of the ongoing Sprints). At the same time, the Scrum team is an empowered Product team that needs to take up a much enhanced responsibility for the tasks that make up the features, determining the efforts for the various features, and so on.
So where does the challenge come ? Well, the challenge comes with a team that feels much more empowered, more responsible for the features that go into the product, its feature set versus the competition, the needs of the customer and so more. Teams that have taken on more responsibility typically have people who look at customer forums, who interact with customers to get more in touch with their needs, and similar such measures that bring them closer to the customers and their needs.
This has the potential for sparking a conflict, such as when the Product Owner (based on their own research, contacts with customers, and studies of the market) places a few features as higher priority; and then you have team members, who believe that they know the needs of the customer, coming into some sort of conflict with the Product Owner. Now, you would expect that the Product Owner is the one who decides the priority of features and the details of the feature, but when you get a team to become more responsible for the features, get them in closer touch with customers, then they will start to become much closer to the future vision of the product; so if what the Product Owner is saying does not gel well with them, then there will be some sort of opposition. This opposition can make itself known during the Sprint planning meetings, as well as during the Daily Scrum meeting when the team may have some query on some part of the task, and the approach suggested by the Product Owner may be resisted.
Is this a theoretical position ? No, we have had cases where the managers of the team members have to get involved, in order to better understand the position of the team members, and then counsel (and where required, have a quiet word with the Product Owner). Once in a while, we thought about letting such an open discussion happen, but the thought was that such a discussion would undermine the position of the Product Owner and was not the right step to take.

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