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Dividing a project into multiple milestones for tracking purposes

Our team was used to working on short projects, doing projects that had a total duration of between 2 /3 months. For such short projects, we would meet regularly (twice a week or more, depending on how close we were to the release), and would review status at each such meeting. In these meetings, based […]

Mining the Daily Scrum meeting for issues related to the team, organization, etc

It is often said that Chickens should not be present in the Daily Scrum meeting, since they tend to start interfering in the work of the Scrum team, question progress, volunteer suggestions (more like order), etc. All this can be very disruptive to the team. However, there is a catch. What we have found (and […]

Distributed Scrum: Mistake to have only the Product Owner in a separate location

Given the bad economy and the relentless surge to reduce costs, there is a lot more focus to see how all the costs involved in a software project can be reduced. Over the past couple of decades, a model where the development work moves to lower cost countries such as Romania, India, China, Philippines, etc […]

Does a smaller size of Sprint mean more overhead ?

In the organization where I work, most of the Sprint cycles are 3-4 weeks long. When trying to determine the size of what a Sprint should be, most teams new to Scrum do not have any great planning process on how to determine the size of the Sprint cycle, and decide based on their talking […]