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Mining the Daily Scrum meeting for issues related to the team, organization, etc

It is often said that Chickens should not be present in the Daily Scrum meeting, since they tend to start interfering in the work of the Scrum team, question progress, volunteer suggestions (more like order), etc. All this can be very disruptive to the team. However, there is a catch. What we have found (and what literature seems to suggest) is that the Daily Scrum meeting is one of the meetings which brings out the truths of a project, things that need to be handled for improving the productivity of the team, and make it more efficient. Some of these items remain hidden when the team is not empowered (such as when the team is working on a waterfall model where the managers and lead assign work, monitor progress and make adjustments accordingly), and in the process of raising up of progress and obstructions during the Daily Scrum meeting, many of these problems come to the surface and can be handled.
For this purpose, it is important that managers of the teams be there in the Daily Scrum meeting to understand the issues brought out and when required later, take the necessary corrective action. However, they need to also ensure that they do not interfere with the progress of the Daily Scrum meeting and let the team go through the process of explaining their work done, impending work, and any problems that may come up. What are some of the problems that may come up?
– When people are getting delayed. Consider the fact that people are working on Daily progress, and their progress is not as expected. When this happens on a regular basis, it can become quite clear from the Daily Scrum and the concerned manager can do the required counseling of the person.
– Team members are working on multiple items. When team members are there on multiple projects, any delays due to their commitments to other projects become clear and these need to be handled; or else, only the amount of time that they have available should be factored in.
– Lack of commitment. If people come to the Daily Scrum in a casual manner, do not provide quality updates, and so on, it can become quite clear that something is not right. Either the morale of the team is not good, or there are other issues that need to be handled and which have not been handled properly so far. This is something that needs to be handled quickly, else the efficiency of the team can get affected.
– Design problems. When the team keeps on running into daily issues where they have to work around design or architectural limitations, it can be quite clear that enough time has not been spent on design issues.
– And so on, a lot of problems emerge in the Daily Scrum that can be used to better optimize the team.

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