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Bug ageing – why it is important to follow in a software project

First of all, what is bug ageing ? Well, in a very broad sense, bug ageing is the amount of time that a bug is with a certain person. A bug can follow many different paths during its history – the bug can be with a developer, pending for the bug to be fixed. The […]

Meetings – how to optimize the number of attendees in a meeting for middle management

In the organization that I work in, there is a culture of having meetings on the drop of a hat for discussion of issues. This is normally justified for the following reasons: – Meetings avoid long winded email discussions where the point made by a person could be misconstrued or not understood properly. – Meetings […]

Expanding the Scrum process to a larger team, some problems ..

We were successfully running Scrum on a team that was just at the appropriate size, with around 8 people in the team, all well trained in Scrum and believing in the way forward being Scrum. They understood how to use Scrum, and had developed a nice understanding with the managers of the team to ensure […]

Scrum – Provides you a good quick feedback on accuracy of estimates for tasks ..

One of the major dependencies for a successful project schedule is in terms of the accuracy of estimates versus the reality. In short, you want to measure the difference between the time estimate for a project (or a task inside the project), and the actual effort needed. For such a measurement, you would want to […]