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What is meant by risk analysis in software testing?

The basic objective of any risk analysis process is to identify the components of a software system or application which are at very high risk and need attention in order to reduce their risk profile and mitigate against such risks. These high risk components may require exhaustive testing in order to find out the bugs […]

What is the difference between functional and non functional requirements?

People often interchange the characteristics of functional and non functional requirements while discussing them, including experienced people who should know better. This concept was given official acceptance in the year of 1982. In this post we have tried to list out all the basic differences between the functional and non functional requirements that will help […]

What is meant by branch coverage or decision coverage? How is it calculated?

Code Coverage is a very important aspect when it comes to testing, although a number of people may not even have heard about it. It should not be ignored, instead attempts should be made to incorporate it as part of processes. There are practical difficulties – it requires a great deal of effort to understand […]

Computer networks: What is meant by two tier architecture?

You might have come across the terms “1 tier architecture, 2 tier architecture and 3 tier architecture or application”. But what does these terms actually mean? A lot of people mention these terms, but don’t really know too much about these. In this article, we have discussed in detail about the two tier architecture. However, […]