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Do Scrum of Scrums meetings add value to the project – Part 2

In the previous post (Scrum of Scrums), we started discussing about what the Scrum of Scrums meeting is all about. In today’s post, we shall discuss more about the Scrum of Scrums meeting. This is a meeting that is typically not meant to be a kind of mega-status meeting, being meant to be a technical coordination type of meeting where representatives from the different Scrum teams come to discuss technical and coordination issues. Who actually attends from each team is left open, and there is no necessity that a Scrum Master or Product Owner from each team should be attending; in fact, a number of people to whom I have spoken also talk about one of the senior technical folks from each team attending this meeting rather than any manager kind of person attending.
But since this is a meeting requiring a fairly detailed level of coordination between different teams (some of the issues related to inter-team technical coordination can be fairly complex, requiring changes in the Product Backlog of individual teams and follow up), so you need a Scrum Master or a Project Manager to manage this meeting, coordinate the various actions; in some cases, have discussions with the Product Management organization for resolving conflicting priority of items and seeing through the various changes that would be required over a period of time.
Further, there is no time slot for the Scrum of Scrums, it does not require the same kind of time boxing as the Daily Scrum meeting which has some strict criteria on what can be discussed, the amount of time that such a discussion can happen, and so on. This follows from the fact that the Scrum of Scrums is not meant to be an update meeting, but a meeting between the various Scrum teams so that they can resolve their issues and do a much better level of coordination.

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