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What is UAT (User acceptance testing) and when is it done as part of the product schedule?

User acceptance testing or UAT as it is more commonly known as, forms a very important and necessary part of the whole software testing cycle. User acceptance testing determines or gives you an indication about how your software system or application will be perceived by the user, as it seeks to check whether or not […]

Structural testing, functional testing, and the differences between them ..

With the continual advancement in the field of software engineering, obviously the sophistication levels of the software testing have also increased and consequently many new development as well as testing methodologies have appeared in the scenario of the software world. With so many software testing methodologies around, it is obvious for one to get confused […]

Defining some items as low hanging fruit, to be done when time available ..

As a part of every project or product development cycle, there will be some items that you feel will take a short period of time, but to get them done is difficult because they are prioritized low. So, whether you are doing a prioritization for the use of Scrum monthly Sprints, or using other development […]

What are different methods and techniques used for security testing at black box level?

As we all know, security testing is the concern about the security issues or processes to ensure a high level of security of a software system or application. But nowadays security testing means much more than just normal security check up. We mean to say that security is something much more than just being a […]