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Getting a clear decision making process and implementing it to prevent rework – Part 2

In the previous post (Decision making process in the team – Part 1), I talked about some of the issues in the team where there can be conflict between the opinions of the experience designer and the product manager and trying to separate their responsibilities. The post started out by outlying some of these areas, […]

Getting a clear decision making process and implementing it to prevent rework – Part 1

When you have multiple stake holders in a software team (and most people involved in the development process like to think of themselves as involved, especially the more passionate and dedicated ones), there can be a lot of active discussions and with people expressing their views (and depending on the culture of the teams, some […]

Explain the waterfall model of software development. What are its advantages and disadvantages?

There are a number of models that have been developed for the software development like the waterfall model, spiral model, agile model and so on. The discussion in this article is limited to the waterfall model of software development along with its advantages and disadvantages. You must have seen a waterfall and how the water […]

Providing enough time and infrastructure for people to discuss and resolve items ..

This seems like a very odd item to write a software post about. However, this is based on a lot of experience that I have seen over the years, and also discussed with many other people (those that have seen problems where there was not enough infrastructure, and other cases where there was enough of […]