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Providing enough time and infrastructure for people to discuss and resolve items ..

This seems like a very odd item to write a software post about. However, this is based on a lot of experience that I have seen over the years, and also discussed with many other people (those that have seen problems where there was not enough infrastructure, and other cases where there was enough of this infrastructure). Consider a case where a company is running a traditional software development unit, where the development team runs into challenges often enough and needs to do a fair amount of thinking to resolve issues and work through complicated design and architectural solutions.
However, it is not as easy as it sounds. This is not routine work of software maintenance; in a lot of cases nowadays where people work on complicated stuff and try to be as innovative as possible, there is the need to do a lot of new stuff. New stuff means that you need some real good developers, those who can think of new solutions, who can work the things out. However, for this kind of work, you need people who do a lot of discussion with each other, trying out new stuff, working through architectural problems and looking at alternate solutions.
Now, what does this need ? I already mentioned the need for some people for the development team, but there are other infrastructural stuff that is needed to ensure that the developers have the right environment. A big deal for this is the need for place to discuss things, some good recreation stuff (such as games and the like), and so on. In this post, the focus is on the discussion. One empirical fact was that if you go to most places where developers are present and there are tough solutions, you will find a lot of the boards having discussions and architectural alternatives being discussed. Having enough whiteboards near the developer community enables these discussions to happen, also resulting in solutions and decisions.
Not having this sort of infrastructure in place inhibits the development team from these sort of discussions among the team, and does play a role in a resulting slowdown of the pace of solutions of issues. I have seen organizations where both of these situations were present, and there is an effect of having these infrastructure in place. I would recommend that organizations that have a lot of development work have enough infrastructure in place to support the development team.

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