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Ensuring that links do not turn into embarrassing connections – proper linking strategy

This post is about something that a lot of people never think about, and which can be embarrassing if things turn bad. In this modern world with the internet ever present, with companies now moving all their documentation to the web and using a lot of components that are open source, there is need to […]

Dealing with new requests raised by the developer during the Sprint – especially with new teams

One of the problems that come up when dealing with new Sprint teams is the lack of discipline when it comes to making changes during the cycle. For teams that have a fair amount of experience with the Scrum methodology, it is fairly clear to them that the Sprint planning is such that there are […]

The need for doing frequent reviews and post-morterms, even for Waterfall projects

For those who are used to the Scrum style methodology of software development, having a meeting at the end of every Sprint cycle that is a retrospective is very useful. You have a team reviewing what all went well, what went bad, and so on; and the biggest benefits are that it lets out some […]

Setting milestones in the schedule where the UI needs to be frozen

For a typical development project which involves a software application that will be released in multiple languages, and with user guides, the schedule for the software development has certain milestones with respect to the UI. In addition to needing to freeze the UI for purposes of ensuring that there is enough time for the QE […]