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What is meant by Orthogonal Array Testing Strategy?

What is meant by Pair-wise Testing?

– It is an effective test case generation technique. – It is based on the fact that faults are caused by interactions of at most two factors.

What is Orthogonal Array Testing Strategy (OATS)?

– It is a black box testing technique. – It is a systematic, statistical way […]

Ensuring that bugs are regressed near the end of the software cycle to check for breaks ..

As teams move towards the end of the software cycle for a software project, they expect a situation where the codebase is more stable, where the number of bugs have reduced, and so on. Unless the number of new bugs found is low, the team cannot reach a point where it is ready for release. […]

Some details about Software Configuration Management?

What is Software Configuration management?

– It is an art of coordinating the development of software in order to minimize confusion. – It is an umbrella activity applied throughout the process. – It identifies, controls, audits and reports the changes that occur during the development of software.

What are different elements of Configuration Management?

– […]

What is meant by clean-room software engineering?

In order to get a software of high quality, a formal approach to software development known as cleanroom software engineering can be used. It focuses on defect prevention rather than defect removal.

What it uses? Integrated use of: – software engineering modeling – program verification – statistical software quality assurance.

What are key characteristics […]