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Seeking a balance between too much email and not providing enough information – Part 2

In the previous post, I started discussing one of the problems that emerge with regard to email communication in a group (email communication in a group part 1), especially when it relates to the email communication groups that are formed for interacting within a feature team. The advantage of such an email group ensures that […]

Seeking a balance between too much email and not providing enough information – Part 1

One of the biggest challenges we have faced during the course of our work on a recent version of the product was related to email communication, especially in terms of maintaining the balance between the need to have enough information to all the members of a particular feature team, and ensuring that the amount of […]

What is descriptive programming and ways to use descriptive programming?

The role of descriptive programming comes in to play whenever an operation is required to be performed on an object that does not reside in the object repository.

There are two ways to put descriptive programming in to use as mentioned below: 1. By creating a collection of object properties for the purpose of […]

Getting the team to be the drivers of a post mortem – getting more importance

For a number of years, we used to follow the policy of ensuring that we do a post-mortem at the end of the project, and ensuring that points raised by team members are tracked, and then required changes implemented. In the interest of time, the way that we would go about the post-mortem was to […]