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What are the application areas of spiral model? What are advantages and disadvantages of spiral model?

Along with the other traditional software development models such as waterfall model, v model and so on, spiral model also has been a favorite of the software developers and programmers. It became so popular because of its characteristic ability to combine the advantages of both the top down as well as bottom up approaches.


What is a spiral model? What are steps involved in this model?

There arose a need in the area of the software development to have a combined advantage of bottom up approach and top down concepts. Eventually, a software development process was developed which had the combined advantage plus it also combined the elements of the prototyping in stages and design. This model is now popularly known […]

What are advantages and disadvantages of RAD model?

The process of RAD or rapid application development is quite compressed when compared to the expandable nature of the traditional software development methodologies. Fats development and delivery of a new software system or product is the result of such a compressed process only.

There are so many other forms in which the phases of […]

What is RAD model? What are phases in RAD model?

RAD or rapid application development is a recent methodology introduced in the field of software development. Big institutes and software firms such as Microsoft, IBM and so on still rely on the slow paced traditional software development methodologies for the development of their software products.

However, the benefits of the rapid application development methodology […]