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What are fundamentals of Big Bang Model?

Nowadays, we have a whole gang of models for the development of software systems and applications each one giving a challenge to the others. So many development models provide us with so many different techniques and features to handle the development of a software system or application.

In this article we discuss about one of those models popularly known as the big bang model.

Different Fundamentals of Big Bang Model

1. The ideology behind this big bang model is somewhat similar to the big bang theory of the universe.
2. Though it sounds weird yet it is true. According to it, when a huge amount of time, money and a large number of people are employed together, a lot of energy or actions is produced which results in the formation of a software system or application.
3. Big bang model is as simple as the big bang theory and results in the delivery of the solution in just one go as there is an absence of planning.
4. Scheduling and other formal processes involved in the development.
5. A large percentage of the efforts are spent on the writing of the code i.e., on developing the software.
6. All the modules in the big bang model follow independently i.e., they are developed independently and then put together in the end thus providing the complete solution.
7. Even though there is no development plan used indeed a sequence is followed which involves the following phases:
– Requirements analysis
– Design and implementation
– Testing
– Integration and
– Maintenance
8. Because of the ability of this model to deliver the software solutions in just one go, it has been named as the big bang model.
9. The first step in the approach used by this model is obtaining all the requirements from the customer.
10. Next a design is prepared and eventually implemented and developed.
11. This developed design is then tested for reliability and efficiency and finally it is implemented in the software system or application.
12. Big bang model cannot be used in all the conditions and situations.
13.There are only few when you can employ this development model:
– There is no doubt about the definiteness and accuracy of the contract of the work.
– There is no doubt about the definiteness and accuracy of the requirements and acceptance criteria.
– The work can be finished off easily within the given time and budget constraints.
– No expectations of the changes in requirements later.
– Stake holders well understand the problem as well as the solution.
– It is certain that there will be no mistakes in the requirements and design phase.

14. Here all the loosely coupled modules are integrated together to take form of a complete software system or a part of it at least and then the system is subjected to integrated testing.
15. This method has proved to be quite effective where saving time is a necessity during the integration testing process.
16. It should be noted that the test cases and their results need to be recorded properly otherwise the whole thing can become much more complicated and time consuming.
17. Integration testing in big bang model is usually termed as the usage model testing.
18. The basic ideology behind this kind of integration testing is to have the system tested in user like workloads and user like environments.
19. This way both the environment as well as the individual components can be proofed indirectly.
20. This is indeed an optimistic testing approach relying heavily on the individual unit testing done by the component developers.
21. The purpose is to flush out the problems from the interaction of the components.
22. This kind of testing provides better coverage compared to the traditional integration testing.
23. Also, this kind of integration approach is usually followed by the programmers who are inexperienced and use run and see approach.
24. Big bang model is good for simple sequential programs but other than that using such a development model is likely to be much less successful.

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