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What is meant by concurrent data structure? What are basic principles of concurrent data structure?

A data structure is concurrent if it organizes and stores data to be accessed by the multiple computing threads or we can say asynchronous processes on a system. The term “concurrency” is known to define the 2 terms of the operations that are performed simultaneously by the threads up on the data: 1. Multiplexing of […]

How are concurrent data structures designed and implemented?

There are modern languages that come with standard libraries implementing the most common of the data structures. Some example of such languages are java collections frame work, C++ standard template library, Microsoft’s .Net frame work etc. Modular programming (it is the separation between the interface of the module and its implementation) is generally supported by […]

What are the methods available in storing sequential files?

There are different modes available for accessing files as mentioned below: 1. Serial 2. Sequential 3. Indexed sequential and 4. Random Here the sequential mode has been discussed in detail.

What is a Sequential File?

– A file that stores in it the records one after the other i.e., as per the key field order […]

What are different types of data structures?

What is a Data Type?

A data type can be considered to be a method of interpretation of the pattern of bits and are of the following types: 1. Intrinsic data types: These are the in built data types in a programming language. These data types make the processing and storage of the data quite […]