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What is static unit testing?

With so much of complexity in programs, both dynamic unit testing and static unit testing are necessary. In this article we discuss exclusively up on static unit testing to have a better understanding of this methodology.

About Static Unit Testing

– Static unit testing involves testing of units or modules of the software system […]

Why Software Testing Experts use Test Execution Tools for Automation?

What are Test Execution Tools?

– Test execution tools are known by different names such as test running tools, test automation tools, capture and replay tools, test play back tools and so on. – These tools are widely used for automating the testing processes which is not less than a nightmare for the developers. – […]

What are advantages and disadvantages of Test Execution tools?

The test automation process makes use of special software called the test execution tool for controlling the execution, comparing the actual with expected outcomes, setting up pre-conditions for the tests, for test reporting and controlling functions. In actual, test automation makes use of a manual process that has already been formalized. In this article we […]

What is a persistent data structure?

What are Persistent Data Structures?

– Persistent data structures hold a great importance in the field of computing. – These are the data structures which are capable of retaining their previous version even after being modified. – These data structures are effective and highly immutable. – Immutable is their capability to generate a new updated […]