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What are the tools used in unit testing?

What is Unit testing? It is the process of testing which deals with ensuring that individual units of source code, individual computer program modules along with input and output data, workflows, and operating procedures, are fit for use.

In this article we are going to list a number of unit testing frame works and tools for a number of programming languages. Some of these are based up on xUnit.

1. ABAP Unit: this is for ABAP language and is based up on x unit.
2. Flex Unit: developed for action script and adobe flex and supports meta data driven testing.
3. A number of testing tools are available for ADA language:
a) AUnit
b) AdaTest 95
c) Ahven
d) TBrun
e) vectorCAST

4. AS test and ASUnit are two of the most popular unit testing tools for apple script and have been influenced by python unit test and SUnit.
5. Asp unit is available for ASP language.
6. BPEL unit is the only unit testing frame work available for BEPL.

7. We shall now see the unit testing tools available for testing programs written in C language:
a) Ace Unit:
– junit 4.x style, easiness, modularity and flexibility are some of the key characteristics of this unit testing frame work.
– It can also be used in embedded software development, work stations, pcs and servers which are resource constraint environments.
– It supports unix and windows platforms.

b) PAI sanity checker:
– It is based on xunit and supports fixtures as well as group fixtures.
– This unit testing frame work also serves as a generator for c++ and c libraries.
– Appropriate input data can be automatically generated for all the API functions.

c) Automated Testing Framework:
– This unit testing frame work comes under BSD license.
– It was initially developed for the NetBSD operating systems and later it was modified to work with unix like platforms.
– This tool has the capability of installing the tests as a part of the software release.

d) Parasoft c/ c++ test:
– This unit testing tool is also based up on xunit and is commercially available.
– This tool can be used for the automated unit test generation as well as for executing them on embedded systems or host machine.
– The support is extended with the help of features such as run time error detection, code coverage, peer code review, static analysis etc.

e) QA systems cantata:
– This unit testing tool is not based up on xunit and is available under commercial license.
– It offers facility for automated integration testing also apart from just unit testing along with unique call interface and code coverage for the simulation and interception of the calls.

f) Catsrunner:
– This unit testing tool comes with GPL license and it has been exclusively designed for cross – platform development of embedded systems.

g) Cfix:
– This is based up on x unit and specializes in windows development including NT kernel mode and win 32.
– This unit testing tool is compatible with the winunit.

h) Cgreen:
– This unit testing tool comes with the mock object feature.

i) Check:
– This unit testing tool is too based up on xunit and comes with an interface for defining the unit tests.
– However, the test cases created with check are executed in a separate so called address space so that the code errors and the assertion failures can be caught that caused faults like that of the segmentation.
– The output so obtained from the tests can be used within the IDE and other source code editors.

j) A google sponsored project Cmockery is also used as a unit test tool and is too based up on xunit.
k) CppUtest: This unit testing tool has a mocking support library termed as the CppUMock.
l) CU: This is quite a simple unit testing framework can only handle automated c tests.
m) Ctest: Some characteristics features of this xunit based frame work are:
– Easy parsing for the formatted
– Quite easy to use

n) CUnitwin32: This tool is exclusively for win32 and is kind of a minimalistic framework that executes every test as an individual process.

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