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Why performance testing should be performed? Why is it required?

Why we really need to carry out performance testing? There are a million reasons as to why we need to carry out performance tests and all of those reasons hold good in their place.
– Performance is the most important thing that means a lot to the customers and therefore testing it just makes the things right.
– It makes sense every time you do it and over and over again as new edges of your software system or application unfold in front of you.
– It involves building performance in to an existing software, repair a broken or crashed one or in to a software that is just being built from scratch.
– One may build a number of different types of software systems and applications, but these cannot be considered to be a successful one until and unless one gets to know about their robustness, capabilities, limits, other performance parameters and so on.
– You may not feel confident or safe while using the software that has not been tested for working up on your important data.
– The software has not been tested for its performance so you do not know how it will perform whether right or wrong or what it may do to your precious data.
– You may end up losing some of the data.
– And performance testing is required to see how the software actually performs under conditions to have a better software system or application.
– Performance testing is actually a big part of a larger endeavor that is to maintain the quality of the software throughout its life cycle.
– The quality is not dependent on any of the paradigms.
– So, performance testing is to be considered to be normal and thoughtful part of the whole development life cycle from requirements analysis to the delivery of the same.
– It is necessary that we pay attention to the performance testing as an inseparable part of what we do, what data we have and what is to be done with that.
– Performance testing that is done without having an understanding of the purpose of the software product is to go in vain because without knowing the purpose you won’t know which factors and performance parameters are required to be tested.

So it is important that you understand the software’s purpose in the first place. Sometimes you may think of it as an unnecessary expense of time and money but this is better than having a big melt down of the production process in later stages.
– Performance testing is not a thing that is to be taken as a tradition i.e., it has to be done anyhow.
– This will end up in having performance testing an external component for both the system that is being built and the one that is building it.
– For having the desired effect of the performance testing, it has to be made a responsibility of everyone who is involved with the production rather than just having the performance testers do this.
– That is another thing that we cannot do without performance engineering and capacity planning experts but there is a need for everyone to get involved and put forward their idea of the performance of the software.
– Also, before performance testing, it should be decided what resources are to be used either external or internal?
– There should be a proper elicitation of the performance specifications gathered from the business analysts and end users.

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