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What is Internet and Intranet? List out the differences between the two?

– All over the world we have a global system of computer networks that are interconnected through the TCP/ IP (i.e., the internet protocol suite). This global system is commonly known as the Internet.
– It can be called as a collection of network or network of networks.
– This global system consists of a number of public networks, private, business, govt., academic networks both with local and global scope.
– A broad system of wireless, electronic and optical technologies are what that keeps these networks in links with each other.
– A wide range of services as well as information is carried all over the world by the internet.
– The things carried over might include hypertext documents of WWW (i.e., world wide web) and other e – mail supporting infrastructure.
– A number of traditional communications media (includes music, telephone, and television and film etc.) have been redefined and reshaped by the internet.
– This in turn has given rise to all new services such as:
1. IPTV or internet protocol television and
2. VoIP or voice over internet protocol
– Today, we see a number of blog sites and web feeds, these are actually newspaper, prints and books that have adapted to internet technology and thus have reshaped themselves.
– New forms of human interactions have come in to accelerated forms such as the following:
1. Social networking
2. Internet forums
3. Instant messaging
– Online shopping is another boon from the internet for small artisans, traders as well as major retail outlets.
– Supply chains have been greatly affected by the financial services, business–to–business services etc are available on internet across the whole industry.
– A research for building a distributed computer network that is robust and tolerates faults was commissioned in US whose ultimate result was the internet.
– The technological implementation and policies of the internet do not have any centralized governance.
– Each of the networks sets the standards for its own.
– Only two things are maintained by a maintainer organization namely:
1. Internet protocol address and
2. The domain name system

About Intranet

Intranet is quite in contrast to Internet since it serves within an organization unlike internet which is global.
– It also makes use of the internet protocol technology for the sharing of the info.
– Sometimes, by intranet we mean the internal website of an organization.
– It may consist of many local area networks.
– The basic objective of the Intranet is the organization of an individual’s desktop with minimal of effort, cost and time thus making it efficient and productive.

Differences between Internet and Intranet

– Internet is the global connection while in Intranet only a certain number of internet protocols can communicate.
– Intranet is used where there no interference from outside IPs.
– Usually, the Intranet website can be accessed by the members of the organization who have the legal authorization i.e., the ID and the password.
– The servers and the websites used by an Intranet are often crucial for the IT of the organization.
– Thus, an Intranet lets the members of an organization stay connected to the work no matter where they are and what time it is.
– Another thing about Intranet web site is that you cannot connect to it unless a gateway for data exchange is available.
– On the other hand, in Internet all the websites are interconnected is every possible way.
– Also, they are accessible by anyone, even the people who are new to the networking. It does not matter who you are and whether or not you belong to some organization.

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