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What are different characteristics of IP protocol?

– The Internet Protocol or IP is the principal one among the communications protocol in the IP suite. – Its particular purpose is to relay the data grams that lie across the boundaries of the network. – Such functions in which the network packets are routed are very much required for inter-networking and more for […]

Power of the Scrum Master in terms of making decisions – Part 5

This has been a series of posts that talk about the power of a Scrum Master and whether such a person can drive the decision making in a Scrum team. The basis for this entire discussion started from a discussion whereby one of my colleagues was running into some problems in the progress of the […]

Power of the Scrum Master in terms of making decisions – Part 4

In a previous post in this series (The powers that the Scrum Master has – part 3), I described the problems that come in when a Scrum Master tries to take over decision making, or try to do things the way that the Scrum Master feels like, rather than acting as a mirror to the […]

What is Media Access Control? What is the reason for MAC?

About Media Access Control or MAC

– Media access control or MAC is a data communication protocol that is used in the 7 layer OSI computer networking model. – This is implemented in the data link layer’s (which is layer 2 itself) sub – layer. – The purpose of this MAC sub layer is to […]