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List out the characteristics of Campus Area Network and Backbone Area Network?

About Campus Area Network

– A campus area network (CAN) or campus network or corporate area network is a type of computer network formed by the interconnections of various local area networks (LANs).
– However, this type of network is limited to a certain geographical area.
– The transmission media & networking equipment involved are:
1. Optical fiber
2. Copper plant
3. Cat5 cabling
4. Switches
5. Routers
– All of the above are owned by the owner or the tenant of the campus like a university, enterprise, government and so on.
– In university campus, a number of buildings like office buildings, student centers, and libraries and so on are interconnected via the campus area network.
– Some examples of such networks are Andrew project (at Carnegie Mellon University), Stanford university network etc. – The size of a campus area network is intermediate to that of the local area network and wide area network.
– Multiple local area networks are combined to form a campus area network.
– For implementing a local area network, same technology as that of a LAN is used.
– The only difference is that a CAN is interconnected at a particular location between different buildings.
– In some cases, the connection is established through wireless communication medium rather than using wiring and cabling since it is more economical.
– Campus area networks are easy to implement in specific kilometers of the locality plus it is economical and beneficial.
– This makes it possible for people to work from different blocks and have the same rate of data transfer.
– When a campus area network is implemented at the organization level it is referred to as the corporate campus network.

About Backbone Area Network

– A backbone area network or a network backbone is another type of computer network through which various pieces of network are interconnected providing a path for exchanging the information among different sub – networks such as LANs.
– A backbone area network can be used for tying together different networks available in the same building or in various buildings but in the same campus environment or in some cases over wide areas.
– This is the reason why the backbone area networks usually have a greater capacity as compared to the networks connected to them.
– Suppose there is a large corporation that has got a number of locations.
– To keep all these locations tied together, the organization might implement a backbone area network.
– In most of the cases there are several cluster needs that different departments in a campus might need to access.
– While designing a backbone network, the concept of network congestion has always to be kept in mind.
One should not confuse between the backbone network and internet network.

– A backbone area network carries the data over the smaller lines of network transmission just as in a human body, the nerve signals are carried over to smaller nerves by the backbone.
– In a backbone area network, the local backbone refers to the main line of the network connecting the multiple LANs together.
– This interconnection results in the formation of a wide area network resting up on a backbone connection.
– The internet itself which can be thought of as the ultimate wide area network relies up on a backbone for transmitting data over long distances.
– A number of several high bandwidth connections are connected to the internet backbone.
– These linked connections link several nodes all over the world. From these nodes the data is taken to the local networks in a particular region.
– The speed of the data transfer depends on the number of hops that occur during transmission.
– If hops are more the speed will be less.
– This is one of the reasons why most of the web hosts prefer a direct connection from the internet backbone.

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