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Explain Threads vs Processes?

About Processes

– An ideal process abstraction is the one where it seems like an actual machine is being used. – The modern process model is of much value since it has much to offer. – For the programmers it has made possible to design software that can make the various computer hardware parts work […]

Keeping more intense discussions / problem solving discussions for beyond the Daily Scrum meeting ..

We would all have seen this happen. It is a natural human tendency. During the Daily Scrum meeting, a team members explains an impediment to the rest of the team, and a couple of them nod their heads, others would have the tendency to add nuances, and others would start suggesting solutions. Now, this is […]

What are wireless link characteristics?

Wireless LANs are very common and useful. All this communication is established over a wireless link which is also a great primary challenge to the wireless network. Another primary challenge is posed by the mobility i.e., the mobile phone users keep changing their position with respect to the network. WLANs are also prevalent at many […]

What are wireless networks characteristics?

The network installation suite comes with so many features that it does not matter where you want to set up a network i.e., either at home or office or school, it makes sure that you have plenty of options and features to choose from. All this makes your network personalized. But for making better use […]