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What are wireless networks? Give few examples of wireless networks?

Wireless networks have a great application in our day to day lives.

About Wireless Networks

– Any computer network using wireless communication for establishing connections with other networks is termed as a wireless network.
– Whenever we hear the term wireless communication, the concept of radio waves comes in to our minds.
– It is not necessary that a wireless network will always make use of these radio waves.
– This technology saves a lot of money by eliminating the need for having cables everywhere in the buildings or between the locations of different equipment.
– Wireless networks are prominent everywhere today from homes to business or enterprise installations to telecommunications networks.
– Indeed for the administration and implementation of the wireless communications, you do require radio communication. – A wireless network is implemented at the 1st layer i.e., the physical layer of the OSI model.
– Till today many different types of wireless networks have been developed as mentioned below:

  • Wireless PAN
  • Wireless LAN
  • Wireless mesh network
  • Wireless MAN
  • Wireless WAN
  • Cellular or mobile network

Examples of Wireless Networks

– The best example of use of the wireless networks is the mobile phones.
– These phones have become an integral part of the day to day wireless communications.
– This is so because these phones have made the personal communications so much easy and convenient.
– Another example that can be given is that of the inter – continental network systems.
– Obviously we can’t even think of laying cable lines from one continent to another.
– Here radio satellites come to the rescue.
– Radio satellites serve as a means of wireless communication across the whole world.
– There are some emergency and security services such as the police which make use of the wireless networks for communicating whenever needed.
– People use these networks for rapidly sending and sharing the data, be it in the same city or at the other end of the world.

Concerns about Wireless Networks

In the year of 2009, with the rise of applications of wireless networks, the concerns regarding its safety and health hazards also rose.
– There has been no solid evidence about the ill – effects of the wireless networks on human health so far.
– The points of wireless access are very close to us, the human beings.
– The power drop off during the communication according to the distance is very fast and follows from the inverse–square law i.e., if distant increases, drop off decreases and if distant decreases, drop off increases.
– However, in Wifi technology, the exposure to the radio frequency is quite less when compared to that in the case of the mobile phones.
– Therefore, it is actually safe for the schools and other institutions to use the Wifi in their campuses.
– Many companies and industries now accept the use of various types of wireless technologies owing to the great convenience it has to offer.
– For each wireless technology there is some predefined standard governing it.
– These standards take in to account the functions carried out at both the data link and the physical layer of the model.
– However, these standards do differ from each other in terms of geographic ranges, signaling methods used and frequency usages to name a few.
– These variations make this technology much helpful in various different fields.

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