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What are wireless networks characteristics?

The network installation suite comes with so many features that it does not matter where you want to set up a network i.e., either at home or office or school, it makes sure that you have plenty of options and features to choose from. All this makes your network personalized. But for making better use of these features you must be thorough with all the features of the wireless networks.

Characteristics, Features and Uses of Wireless Network

– The wireless computers may use a number of computers or nodes located in the same area for connecting to an internet source and directly sharing of the information.
– Wireless networks save you a lot of money over the hardware connection equipment such as cables, since wireless networks can connect to all the peripherals such as the printer and the scanner.
– But a connection has to be made between hub and the hardware through wireless hook up.
– Also, some important drivers have to be installed.
– Once this connection is established, the computer can easily send any print or scan requests to the hardware.
– Sharing the data once the network drive has been installed, the sharing of data gets easier on a wireless network.
– This network drive might be an external drive having a connection with the network hub.
– The storage space on this network drive can be accessed by all the computers.
– This has a major benefit which is that you can save your files on to the network drive from a computer and then access those files from any other device.

– Wireless networks have made it possible for providing internet access to the places where it has been difficult to lay a physical medium for communication.
– A number of uses and services are offered by the wireless networks to both home and business users.
– Presently, a number of different kinds of wireless technologies have been accepted in to the industry.
– Each of these technologies has a unique standard describing its functions at the 1st and 2nd layers (i.e., the physical and the data – link layer) of the OSI model.
– All these standards bear difference in terms of the geographic ranges, frequency usages, signaling methods and so on.
– All these differences add to the usefulness of the wireless networks at home and organizations.
– The standards vary in terms of geographical range which means that it is the purpose of one wireless network that makes it ideal from the other one.
– A variety of applications involving audio and video are satisfied by the performance of the wireless networks.

– The best thing about the wireless technologies is that they can be always be upgraded to better technologies such as from 2G to 3G without much difficulties.
– Most recently the wireless technology has advanced to 4G technology.
– Wireless networks have achieved great capabilities and capacities for sending and receiving large amounts of data.

– Another important characteristic of wireless networking is space.
– Wireless networking has many more advantages over the wired networks when it comes to laying a network across a river or a tall building.
– In wireless networks the users are free to designate a space via which the network will be able to establish connections with the other devices.
– Space automatically comes out because of the elimination of the wiring.
– This technology proves as an alternative for the installation of the physical network like coaxes, fiber optics and TPs which are also but expensive.

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