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Scrum: Making the team aware of their Velocity before they start committing for the next Sprint …

A few of the last series of posts talked about the Scrum team running into a situation whereby the actual time required for a feature was much more than the estimate. This was one of the problems that can pose a significant problem to the Scrum team and their productivity. A twist to the same […]

Twisted Pair – a type of transmission media

– In this type of wiring media from a single circuit, two conductors are taken and twisted together so that they can cancel out the EMI (electromagnetic interference) from each other as well as external sources. – External sources of interference include crosstalk between the pair of neighboring conductors and electromagnetic radiation from the UTP […]

Scrum: Features balloon beyond initial estimates and don’t look like getting done in the current Sprint – Part 3

This is a series of posts that focuses on the problem where in a Sprint, the feature does not match the estimates (and it’s not that the feature gets done before the estimated time). For every Sprint, there are a certain number of tasks that can be done, and these are based on the estimates […]

What is meant by memory management?

Memory management is about managing the memory of the computer system.

“Providing ways for the dynamic allocation of the memory blocks to the applications when they request for it and freeing these blocks after use so that they can be again used by some other processes forms an essential part of the memory management concept”. […]