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Need for capturing notes of the Daily Scrum Meeting and sending those out on email

The Daily Scrum Meeting is supposed to be a meeting which comprises the team members of the Scrum team. The meeting is a quick meeting, typically not lasting more than 15 minutes. In this meeting, the Scrum team members come in, speak to the rest of the team members about what they did the previous day, what they plan to do in the current day and also if they are facing any difficulties. And this is it. When it moves like this, the other team members understand what is happening, and this helps them in their work. And when things move like this, the meeting proceeds in a speedy fashion. There is effort to ensure that nobody gets into a mode where they take more time than expected, such that the time of the Scrum meeting does not get lengthened. In fact, the Scrum Master can take it upon himself / herself to ensure that if there is any team member who tends to get long-winded or there are some discussions that happen which tend to extend the time of the Scrum meeting, then the Scrum Master will work with the team to resolve these matters such that the Scrum Meeting finishes within the required period of time.
The other major issue is about taking notes of the Daily Scrum Meeting and sending out these notes as emails. Typically, when it is just a Scrum team, then there is no need to do these notes. On most days, you will find that the team members required for the meeting all attend the meeting, and there is some amount of discomfort in sending out the notes of the meeting since that means that the team members can tend to think that there is tracking of their work, and they still are not empowered enough. As a result, a number of Scrum teams I know do not do stuff such as taking out notes of the meeting or sending out the notes of the meeting.
There is one situation where there is a need to send out notes from the meeting in emails. This would be when there are multiple Scrum teams that are working on the same product / project. In this case, there are typically a lot of inter-dependencies between these teams and their work, with the output of one team forming the logical input into the work of another team as well as a lot of relationships in terms of architecture and design issues. It makes sense for these teams to know what is happening in the other team, and it would be far more efficient for teams to know what work is happening in the other teams through email rather than trying to attend the Scrum meetings of other teams. With multiple teams, it is not possible to attend multiple Daily Scrum meetings, and with more people attending the Daily Scrum meeting other than the team members, the meeting would start to get unwieldy.
In such cases, it would make sense for teams to talk about this when they start, and understand the benefits of sending out the notes of their Daily Scrum meeting in email. If there is any point of discussion between the Scrum teams because of this, those can be discussed in a separate meeting.

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