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Scrum: Being asked to do an estimate for a big project

This is one of the biggest confusions that teams end up facing, and this is the same question that we had when we started work on using Scrum as the development methodology. When you start getting into estimating and processing per Sprint cycle, how can you actually prepare the estimates for a project for a […]

What is a Hashing algorithm?

– Hashing algorithm is another name for the hash functions or subroutines that are used for mapping the data sets of fixed length and data sets of variable length. – For example, the name of an object is of variable length and it could be hashed or mapped to an integer which is of fixed […]

Scrum – Feedback from team members over having a PM officer associated with the team – Part 4

The previous post (Allowing a person from the PMO organization to be associated with the Scrum team – Part 3) focused on a Scrum team being told that they could have a Project/Program Management Officer who would help out in their team. For many teams in the organization, there was a recent move to move […]

What is a digital signature?

About Digital Signature

– Digital signature plays an important role in the field of cryptography. – It is used in digital certificates. – It can be defined as a mathematical scheme used in the demonstration of the authenticity of a document or a digital message. – A digital signature is included so that the receiver […]