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Satellite vs Fiber transmission

Satellite transmission and the fiber transmission are two of the leading transmission types in the field of communication.

About Communication Satellite
– A comsat or the communication satellite is an artificial satellite that is sent in to the space for the purpose of telecommunications.
– A variety of the orbits are used by the modern communication satellites inclusive of the molniya orbits, elliptical orbits, geostationary orbits, polar and non – polar earth orbits etc.
– The satellite transmission offers a microwave radio relay technology for the point to point services i.e., the fixed services that are complementary to the communication cables.
– Satellite transmission also offers for the services such as the mobile applications to vehicles, planes and ships etc.
– It is also used in radio and TV broadcasting.

About Fiber Optics
– Fiber optics transmission or communication is used in the transmission of the information from one point to another by means of pulses via an optical fiber.
– The light is converted in to electromagnetic carrier waves that are modulated for carrying the information.
– The telecommunications industry has been revolutionized with the introduction of the fiber optics communication systems and is still playing a major role in the advancement of the information age.
– It has got a lot of advantages over the electrical transmission.
– It is certainly more advance in terms of speed and correctness of the information when compared with the satellite transmission.
– The copper wires have been largely replaced by the optical fibers in a number of core networks.
– The following basic steps are followed in the fiber – optics communications:

  • Creation of the optical signals by using a transmitter.
  • The signal is then relayed along the fiber.

More on both type of transmission
– In optical fiber transmission it is ensured that the signal does not become weal or even distorted while in the satellite transmission this is somewhat difficult to ensure.
– The optical signal is then received and converted in to electrical signals.
– A number of telecommunication companies are using the optical fibers for transmitting the cable television signals, internet communication and telephone signals.
– Because of less interference and the attenuation, there are large advantages of the optical fiber communication over the existing satellite transmission over high – demand as well as long – distance applications.
– The optical fiber transmission cannot be used in remote areas but, the satellite works well at such places.
– These are the places where the optical fiber cables cannot be laid such as on an island or in a hilly area.
– Implementing the optical fibers transmission has been made difficult by the infrastructure of the developed cities.
– It makes it difficult as well as time consuming.
– It is because of the so many obstructions that installing and operating the optical fiber systems is quite difficult as well as complex.
– The satellite transmission does have an advantage over this since it uses waves and therefore does not have to bother about these obstacles.
– This is why the optical fiber communication systems are only used for the long distance applications since it is in these applications, they can be used to their full advantage which will be worth its cost.
– The price of installing the fiber optic systems has come down by a large margin at places where the cost of digging is low.
– Now, the optical amplification systems are commercially available.
– A vast network of transoceanic and intercity fiber communication lines have been laid by a number of telecommunication companies.
– The satellite transmission however does not require laying such a vast physical network.
– The fiber optics communication systems consist of an optical transmitter for converting electrical signals in to the optical ones.
– The information generated by the cable television companies, telephone systems and computers is of digital nature.
– The bandwidth provided by the satellites depends largely up on the number of transponders it offers.
– A different size of bandwidth is required for transmission by each service.
– This is called as link budgeting and can be achieved using a network simulator.

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