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About International Standard ISO/IEC 25000:2005

ISO/IEC 25000: 2005 standard was created for providing the guidance regarding the usage of the new series of the international standards commonly called as SQuaRE. Full form for this acronym is “software product quality requirements and evaluation”.

Overview of SQuaRE

– It offers the following things:

  • Terms and definition
  • Reference model
  • General guide
  • Individual division guides
  • – In additional to all the above, it also provides standards for the following:

  • Requirements specification
  • Planning and management
  • Measurement
  • Evaluation purposes.
  • – A number of different standards are being developed and implemented by a number of organizations all around the globe for making improvements in the quality of their software products.
    – The ISO/IEC 25000: 2005 plays a major role in the organization and enhancement in all the processes related to the requirements of the software quality as well as in evaluating them.
    – ISO/IEC 25000 has come to replace the following two old ISO standards namely:

  • ISO – 14598
  • ISO – 9126
  • – There are following 5 sub-parts of the SQuaRE:

  • ISO 2500n – quality management division
  • ISO 2501n – quality model division
  • ISO 2501n – quality measurement division
  • ISO 2503n – quality requirements division
  • ISO 2504n – quality evaluation division
  • – The goal behind the creation of the SQuaRE set of international standards was to shift to a series that were more organized, unified and enriched.
    – The series covered the following two main processes:

  • Software quality requirements specification
  • Software quality evaluation
  • – Both of these series had independent life cycles that led to the creation of inconsistencies between and this turned out to be one of the strong reasons for the creation of the SQuaRE set of international standards.

    Benefits of ISO/IEC 25000:2005

    – Software quality measurement process provided support to both of these processes.
    – This standard comes with a 2 part quality mode that helps in the alignment of the development process attributes with the customer’s definition of software quality.
    – The measures of the software quality provided by this standard can be used by evaluator, developers and acquirers.
    – ISO/IEC 25000:2005 is dedicated only to the software quality.
    – The standard provides the following three major benefits over the earlier standards:

  • Guidance for the software quality requirements specification
  • Coordination in guidance to quality measurement as well as evaluation.
  • Harmonization with the ISO/IEC 15939 in the terms of the quality measurement reference model that is defined by the ISO/IEC 25020.
  • Difference between ISO/IEC 25000: 2005 and ISO/IEC 14598 and ISO/IEC 9126

    ISO/IEC 25000: 2005 is different from the ISO/IEC 14598 and ISO/IEC 9126 in the following ways:

  • Consists of the new reference model that is quite general.
  • Consists of detailed and dedicated guidelines for each of the divisions.
  • Consists of the quality measure elements for the quality measurement division.
  • Consists of the quality requirements division.
  • Insists on revising and incorporating the evaluation processes.
  • Consists of guidance on practical usage along with examples.
  • Harmonizes and coordinates with the ISO/IEC 15939 content.
  • When and Where is SQuaRE recommended?

    – SQuaRE is intended for all those who are responsible for defining the requirements of the software product and evaluating the software.
    – It is recommended for the users of ISO/IEC 9126 and 14598 and SQuaRE follow this international standard as a guidance for the execution of their various tasks.
    – This international standard aims at providing common definitions, terminologies, and guidance and reference models for putting the technical reports and associated standards in to practical use.
    – SQuaRE extension international standards as well as the technical reports make use of the ISO/IEC 25050 and ISO/IEC 25099 standards.
    – These have been specially reserved for this.
    – Another point to be stressed is that the ISO/IEC 25000: 2005 is completely distinct and separate from the process quality management as defined by the set of standards called ISO 9000.

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