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Scrum: Resolving matters with the Product Owner right after the Daily Scrum meeting

In the previous post on this subject (Product Owner attending the Daily Scrum), the net point of the whole discussion was about it not being necessary for the Product Owner to attend the Daily Scrum meeting; even if the Product Owner did attend, the idea was that this was a meeting of the Scrum team, and the Product Owner did not have a voice in the room. In this post, I will continue with some more of the process where the Product Owner is required, but only after the meeting is over.
In my experience (and when I say my experience, this also includes some amount of discussions with other Scrum Masters in the organization), a number of impediments that are raised during the Daily Scrum are about some kind of clarification required from the Product Owner. If the Product Owner is sitting right next to the team and in regular communication, there is a lower need for post Daily Scrum communication with the Product Owner since the scrum team member could have raised the issue with the Product Owner on the spot rather than wait for the Daily Scrum. However, just like nothing in life is absolute, this is not absolutely necessary to do as well. In many cases, there will be a clarification or deeper understanding of a task or a User Story that is not relevant only to the concerned scrum team member, but to others in the team, and hence for the team member, it makes sense to raise such an issue in the Daily Scrum meeting.
In a number of cases, especially when the Product Owner is in a separate geographic location (or even in a different building in the same campus), there is can be time gaps in terms of communication between the Product Owner and the team (or the Scrum Master). However, there needs to be a process agreed upon between the Scrum team and the Product Owner about the quickness of clarifications after the Daily Scrum meeting. If a team member has raised an impediment during the Daily Scrum that can be directly resolved by the Product Owner or through discussion between the Product Owner and the team, then it needs to be done quickly. In such a case, the Scrum master cannot wait for the regular time to get in touch with the Product Owner.
One team I knew followed a simple protocol whereby they had told the Product Owner that if there was something that they needed to get in touch with him, they would send him a message on his cellphone about the same and send more details by email. This way, if there was a need for a discussion, there could be a discussion within 10 minutes of the meeting (and there was already a standing meeting setup for this purpose, if meeting was not required, it could be cancelled for that day) or if there was no need for communication, just a simple reply would do, the Product Owner would send back the reply and things were resolved.
This worked for the most part; the need for a discussion was not as often as you would think, but the arrangement worked when there was a need for a discussion. Of course, in a couple of cases the Product Owner would be out on tour or otherwise busy, but overall the team was satisfied with the given arrangement.

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