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Scrum: Keeping the team informed about the Daily Scrum in an obvious location

I have already written a couple of articles talking about ensuring that people know about the Daily Scrum meeting and the location of the same, but this is a topic that keeps on coming up in conversations and in discussions with other Scrum masters and even their teams. The problem is about ensuring that there is enough attendance in the Daily Scrum meeting, or to spin that another way, that people do not miss the Daily Scrum meeting for obvious reasons. One of the most stated reasons for missing the Daily Scrum meeting is not because people did not see a value in the meeting (you will not find too many people saying that even if they feel that true to some extent), instead the most common reason that I saw was about a team member saying that he or she forgot (mostly with the background reason that they were so busy that they forgot about the meeting and remembered too late, or did not even remember it). You would be surprised at the number of times this reason comes up, or a variation of the reason, and you can only grin and bear it, or say something about the person trying to remember better.
But a tactic that I have been seeing recently by some Scrum Masters has had some effect on these people, in the sense that it reduces the chance that they can claim that they did not remember about the meeting, or forgot about it; instead, there is a realization that they should get into the real reasons. What happens is that some of the people who would really forget about it were able to remember that the meeting was on, which primarily left the people who did not see too much value in the meeting and decided to miss it on a regular basis (and then the real conversation about their not attending the meeting could be held).
So what did these Scrum Masters do ? They set up in-your-face kind of reminders to ensure that nobody could say that they did not remember about the meeting, not too intrusive, but still with way more reminders that you would expect. So, near the place where the team would be sitting, there would be posters that would emphasize the benefits of the full team attending the Daily Scrum meeting, and there would be posters that would list down the location and timing of the meeting (and if there were some changes in the location for example on a specific day, there would be a poster that would go emphasizing the changed location).
There would be a standing meeting invitation that would be there in Outlook and other such tools that people use, that would remind the team members every day that there is going to be a meeting in the next 15 minutes along with name and location. However, it is not the case that these tactics will go on forever. When the Scrum Master feels that the team is fully aware of the benefits of the Daily Scrum and all the team members are committed to attending the meeting, that is when the Scrum Master can remove some of these reminders and let the team members use their own facilities to remember and attend the Daily Scrum Meeting.

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