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Scrum: Ensuring that tasks are updated before the Daily Scrum meeting

The main question that comes before the Scrum teams with regard to task update is about the time period in which the tasks should be updated in whatever tool you are using to capture these tasks. In Scrum, there are a number of reports that can help the team and the Scrum Master to determine progress and provide other metrics that can help the team. However, for these reports, to be accurate, it is required that the data in the tool be as timely as possible.
It remains a matter of debate as to how often should the tool be updated. The above lines are in no means to be taken to mean that the Scrum Master should be after the team to update twice a day or some other periodic interval. Instead, the team should define the time interval that would work best for the team, and individual team members can update the tool more often if they feel the need to. I know some team members who would update the tool every few years (their other team members considered them somewhat anal in behavior though), while others were not so intent on every few days update. My main understanding in this regard is that the team members should update the tool as often as they wish, but not such that the intensity of such upgrading starts to impact your work.
A number of teams have it set that the team members should do an update of their status in the tool at the end of the day, with the report generations happening either after the end of the day or before the next morning, so that by the time the team is in the office the next morning, as well as before the Daily Scrum meeting, the reports are all ready and updated with the latest information. Further, during the Daily Scrum meeting, the team can refer to these updated status.
But the Scrum Master cannot really go after the team members to get them to update the tool on a regular basis. It is something that the team should also discuss within themselves and figure out the right frequency of update, given their knowledge about the reports that are part of the metrics that the team looks at; and also because of dependency within the team about tasks and hence the critical nature of knowing the current status of a task. I was in discussion with several team members who would refer to the tool on a regular basis to determine the progress of tasks that would come to them from other team members, since this knowledge also helped them order the schedule of their own tasks. Such team members also help drive pressure within the Scrum team to define a proper schedule of when the tasks should get updated.

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