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Scrum: Using innovative ideas to keep the Daily Scrum brief and quick

The Daily Scrum is a daily meeting that is meant to be quick, where each Scrum team member comes in and quickly talks about what he has done the previous day, what he is planning for the day, and if there are any obstacles that could cause a problem to his work. Simple, right ? Well, one of the problems that many Scrum teams face is that many team members are not able to get this right. They have people who want to go on and on, who go in for a long winded statement, or who believe that their current problem is so large or critical that it needs to be brought to the attention of the entire team for help in resolution (maybe even striking up a discussion on resolution in the meeting).
The problem is that if this meeting is long-winded, there will be members of the team who are not truly interested in the topic which the long-winded person is making and these people will start getting frustrated about why the person is allowed to go on and on. It risks their interest in attending the Daily Scrum meeting and also worries them about why the team and the Scrum Master is allowing all this to go on. The meeting will become less effective if something like this happens, and hence it is important to keep on drilling into the members about the need for the meeting to be brief, effective and not long-winded.
There are many techniques that teams employ for situations like this. There is a concept that these meetings would be stand-up only meetings where the chairs have been removed so that everybody is inclined to be brief and get the meeting over within the desired time spam. There is another such technique that can be used, which is also focused on making the team members uncomfortable if they take too much time, and it seems like a sport at the same time. The techniques is related to handling something heavy to the team member who is going to speak, and this ensures that they get their turn quickly and pass over the microphone and the heavy item to the next person. Examples of something heavy is like a weight of around 2-3 kg, which does not seem like a lot, but when you are holding it for a prolonged period of time, it becomes mighty uncomfortable. Another option is an exercise ball or other such examples that make the person want to get their work done quickly and hand over to the next person. If teams are facing problems with certain people going longer than usual, the use of such a weight may make the team agree quickly to such an idea.

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