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Scrum: Doing a random rotation of order of people speaking in the Daily Scrum

The Daily Scrum is supposed to be a meeting where people talk briefly about 3 things:
– What they have done since the last meeting
– What they are going to be doing till the next meeting
– Are there any impediments that they are facing
This meeting is an important part of the processes that make Scrum effective. As the name indicates, it is supposed to happen on every working day, and the team members are all expected to attend, the idea being that it is their meeting and not a meeting meant to provide an updated status to somebody else. That way, team members realize that it is important for them to attend the meeting, and since the meeting is restricted to a time period of 15 minutes (and most teams try to ensure that the meeting does not go beyond 15 minutes), the short nature of the meeting ensures that the meeting does not seem like boring to the attendees, and they are inspired to attend and keep on providing their updates.
However, this was an ideal picture. In the real world, people keep on looking for some sort of change in their regular work, and the monotony of attending a regular meeting can be problematic, seem like a meeting that is regular. You need to figure out some ways to keep the enthusiasm level of people high, and spicing up the meeting by talking about some kind of emergency really does not work (for one, having emergencies on a regular basis can be very un-nerving to the team).
So what is it that you can do in the team to keep up some sort of variety in the Daily Scrum. The subject matter of the Daily Scrum is limited and defined, so there is very little that you can do in that area to keep things varied. However, one simple way to ensure some kind of variety in the Daily Scrum is by rotating the order in which the team members speak. You could change the order by making it alphabetical one day, or by actually asking the team to decide the way in which they would set the order (in one team where I asked the team for suggestions, one of the team members put all the names in a program and got it to generate a random sequence of people so that the names of people speaking in the Daily Scrum were always varied – one advantage of this system was that since the name of any of the team members could be pulled out first, all of them made an effort to ensure that they were there for the meeting in time rather than being late systematically or even say once in a week).

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