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Scrum: Working to ensure that the Product Owner understands Scrum and the role

The Product Owner is one of the critical people in Scrum. The role is similar to the role of the Product Manager in other development models, but the Product Owner for a team that is working using Scrum does entail a fair amount of training to understand the role correctly. I remember a previous team […]

Scrum: Capturing the impediments in a board that everybody can see

Impediments are one of the critical items that you expect team members to bring up during the Daily Scrum. They provide an update on what they have done, what is pending to be done, and that is great for the team to know, but they are also expected to list down any obstacles that they […]

Scrum: Informing the team about a meeting held for design or architectural change during the Daily Scrum

For those people who work on software projects using the Scrum based development methodology, the concept of the Daily Scrum meeting would have been drilled into their head and they would know the concepts: What does each team member bring: – An update on what they have done since the previous such meeting (typically the […]

Scrum: Ensuring that the Scrum Master does not take control of the Daily Scrum meeting

The Daily Scrum meeting is a meeting that is critical to a project which is being run as per Scrum methodology. It provides the Scrum team with a platform where the team members can update each other with what they have done, what they are planning on doing, as well as any issues that they […]