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Scrum: Selecting a room that is smaller, keep team close in the Daily Scrum meeting ..

This has been a series of posts on the Daily Scrum meeting; quick notes on how to make the meeting more effective, what can be done to remove mistakes make; and in fact, I had even made a post that talked about modifying the order in which people speak, all to ensure that there is some amount of change in the meeting. It could hardly be called very innovative, but where you do not have much of a chance to make some adjustments, even getting the team to suggest a logic for the order in which people speak can be pretty interesting.
This post takes yet another facet of the Daily Scrum meeting; the size of the room where the meeting is being held. Suppose you are not doing a stand-up meeting, then you will need a room with enough chairs for people to sit. However, in most offices in medium to large organizations, there are rooms with different sizes that are available for booking. When you think of your Daily Scrum meeting, think in terms of the actual usage of the word Scrum, from the sport. There is yet another meaning of the word, namely huddle, and that is how you should be treating your Daily Scrum meeting. So use a room that is of a smaller size, where people can talk to each other at normal conversation volume.
Putting the Scrum meeting in a smaller room ensures that the team tends to be more at ease, with a lower feeling of this being a large official meeting; instead, it gets converted more to being like a discussion between friends. And that is how you would think of the Daily Scrum meeting being like, where each team members speaks in their normal tone of conversation to the other team members, providing them their updates. When you have people sitting close to each other, they tend to be more attentive to what the other person is saying, rather than drift off into their own thoughts. It is hard to be able to make a definite conclusion that having them sit in a smaller room makes the team more close knit, but that remains my thoughts and I have always tried to find a meeting room that ensures that the team members are fairly close to each other, not sitting at a large table where they have to slightly raise their voice to ensure that they are heard properly.
A caveat however – when you are trying something like this; do not go overboard. Do not end up in such a situation where the team members are sitting so close to each other that they start feeling uncomfortable – you have to figure out the right size of room for such a meeting and explain your motives to the team members as well.

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