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Myth: test automation should be used wherever it is possible to reduce time

The myth is that test automation should be used wherever it is possible to reduce time but the reality is explained below.

– It is true that test automation reduces the testing time but it is not possible to start test automation at any time during software development.
– Test automation should be started when the software has been manually tested and is stable to some extent.
– Moreover, test automation can never be used if requirements keep changing.
– Being a tester you might have definitely did some manual testing on some software systems or applications and so you must know the disadvantages of the manual testing.
– Manual testing takes a lot of time, needs big investments of the resources and is quite tedious.
– Usually, the time constraint is so less that we do not always have time for testing each and every thing before the deadline of the release schedule.
– This often leaves you in a state of wonder whether all of the defects have been removed or not.
– Solution to this problem of testing is the automation testing and it is to some good extent capable of addressing these issues.
– Using various automation testing tools tests can be created that could check almost all the features of the software system and execute the tests.
– These test cases are capable of detecting any changes made to the software and running them accordingly.

Test automation has a number of benefits to offer:

  • It is quite fast in running the tests when compared to humans.
  • Tests can be repeated any number of times for testing the behavior of a software system or web application. The same operation can be carried out again and again.
  • The test cases generated during the automation testing are reusable; this means that the same test cases can be used for testing other similar software systems also.
  • Test automation guarantees reliable execution of the tests and they can be run any number of time so that the error resulting because of the human mistakes is eliminated.
  • The test cases that are created during automation testing are quite comprehensive i.e., they are capable of covering each and every feature in the software system or application.
  • The automation testing creates such tests that are programmable. This means if the tester requires some modification, he/she is free to do it. This makes the tests quite sophisticated.
  • For a tester the question that matters the most is “what to opt for? Manual testing or automation testing?”.
    – Automation testing itself creates the manual tests and automates them in the language you choose and using an appropriate test automation tool.
    – Automation testing no doubt saves a lot of time which is like a boon to the testers especially when the regression testing has to be performed.
    – Issues are more complicated in the regression testing and automation testing helps in overcoming these.
    – The test automation tools are responsible for running these tests and are much faster than the human testers.
    – Test automation cuts down on the cost of the testing by reducing the number of required resources.

    But another thing to be kept in mind is that not everywhere automation is possible.
    – Problem is there with the test automation tools.
    – These tools do not come with a quick demo of they actually work and implement the automation testing.
    – Because of this one cannot check with how much simplicity and efficiency does the tool works.
    – Also, you cannot know whether the tool will work as it is expected to work while testing the software system and application.
    – Another problem with automation testing i s that very often the testers who are to perform test automation do not have high experience with the concept and also they have not been given sufficient training as to how the test automation techniques should be implemented.
    – When you are following the automation testing you require both type of skills i.e., the testing skills and the programming skills.

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