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Myth: testing cannot be started if the product is not fully developed

There is a myth that testing cannot be started if the product is not fully developed but the reality is somewhat different and this reality is explained below.

– No doubt, testing depends on the source code but reviewing requirements and developing test cases is independent from the developed code.
– However, iterative or incremental approach in a development life cycle model may reduce the dependency of testing on the fully developed software.
– Testing needs to be incorporated in to the software development cycle since it is always better keep testing the software throughout its development.
– The software is built part by part which means the smallest units of the software are independent of each other and therefore can be testing when they have been developed.
– These units can be tested then and there but if done after development, it is very difficult to be reworked upon.

Rework is of two types as stated below:

  • Avoidable rework:
  • – As the term itself explains, this does not require to be performed if the source code has already been tested to be consistent, complete and error free.
    – However, the extent of this testing depends largely up on the efforts and hard work put by the testers in testing the software.

  • Unavoidable rework:
  • – This is the rework that has to be done compulsorily as the testers missed out to test for some error or scenario during the testing process. The changes that are often missed out include changes in the user requirements, environmental constraints etc.

    – In few cases, the system might benefit from the first type of the rework.
    – However in some of the cases, the system might benefit more from checking and modification of the system after the software has been fully developed.
    – Tests provide a confirmation for a software component regarding whether it is good or bad.
    – Also, the testers can provide reviews regarding these components which will provide additional support in judging these components.
    – The software cannot be developed with faulty units.
    – It can only be built up using the units that have been properly tested and reviewed.
    – If a unit does not pass testing it is rejected or modified again and tested.
    – If the unit passes the test successfully it is marked as stable and added to the software structure.
    – Testing the software from the beginning makes the whole software more secure as well as dependable.
    – Testing is essentially required for knowing the success status of the program.
    – Knowing this, the standard of the software can be improved and maintained.
    – Another point is that without testing the software right from the beginning, you will not know whether the development of your software is proceeding in the right direction or not.
    – The industry offers a number of different testing strategies for checking all the aspects of the software.
    – The purpose of the testing is to dig out all the errors in the program code and then correct them using the suitable measures.
    – Testing by no doubt is a great tool for the identification of the present flaws and prevention of the potential ones.
    – If the software is not tested right from the beginning, the errors present in that might get more complex arising possibilities for many other potential errors or in the end these errors may handicap the whole program.
    – This is why it gets necessary to get the software tested at each and every stage of the development and keep a check on the errors.
    – In this way the errors are corrected as they are discovered along the way.
    – A lot of trouble can be saved by testing because of the identification of the flaws earlier in the development cycle which otherwise would have been a worse problem to be solved.
    – The software at the initial phases can be checked using the unit testing and the integration testing.
    – System testing is carried out once the whole program has been developed.

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