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Myth: testing is time consuming

There is a myth that testing is a time consuming process but the reality is explained and discussed below.

– During the SDLC phases, testing is never a time consuming process.
– However, diagnosing and fixing the error which is identified during proper testing is a time consuming but productive activity.
– Many researches have been conducted in this research regarding how much time is consumed in testing the process.
– In all the researches, it has been observed that one can save his/her time by cutting down on the amount of software repair and rework that has to be done.
– This is possible only when the tester finds and fixes the records while the development of the software is still in early stages.
– Also, the software’s quality is said to be elusive which means that there is no way to measure it.
– There are many essential factors which affect the software and which cannot be measured also.
– These factors include reliability, efficiency, portability, usability, test-ability, modifiability, understand ability and so on.
– This adds to the time consumption of the testing process because for assessing an application based on these factors some other alternative lengthy ways have to be followed.
– Also, just giving a definition of the quality for the software is not enough.
– The faults might be present in the testing environment (including test cases, documentation etc.) or in the system itself.
– Finding such faults takes a lot of time and this again adds up to the time consumption of the testing process.
– In some cases it also happens that the anomalies that are reported during the testing process contains most of the faults.
– Anomalies are nothing but the conditions that state a system’s deviation from the stated design, requirements, documentation, and standards and of course specifications.
– These anomalies are by no doubt caused by the errors.
– These anomalies then have to be analyzed for discovering the errors and the faults that caused these anomalies.
– Then, these errors are fixed.
– There can be cases when the whole software has to be reworked.
– This can be indeed very time consuming.
– But this does not happen if every part of the software has been revised during the SDLC.
– Of course, time is a very crucial factor in deciding the success of any development process and so of the software product.
– This is why proper estimation of the time is an important part of the software testing life cycle.
– Estimating time before you proceed with testing your software makes sure that you do not exceed the time limit thus keeping your testing process in pace with the deadline.
– Also, a test plan helps greatly – the one that is properly scheduled.
– Further, completing the testing in time adds to your reputation.
– However, there is no blind method for the estimation of the testing time.
– Setting a time limit prevents you from wasting time.
– There should be accurate and realistic time estimation.

Below mentioned are points which bound to give you the most appropriate testing time:
1. Buffer time:
– Along with the time for general testing, a time period must be included that can be utilized in case there occurs some unexpected delay during the testing process.
– Even this buffer time must be realistic like the rest of the time estimation.
– With the help of the buffer time you will be able to offer maximum coverage for the STLC.

2. Keep some extra time for the bug cycles since they can take more time than the rest of the components.
– However, all care should be taken to avoid such cycles by considering a proper structure and design of the program.

3. A time period should be considered for the leaves that are unexpected.
– This is required if any member of the testing team might need a leave on medical grounds.

Testing the software during the development phase takes time but this time is very less to the time that would be taken to test the software after it has been developed.

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