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Scrum: Team doing their Scrum Board updates in the Daily Scrum .. Need to avoid

The Daily Scrum meeting is one of the most critical meetings in the Scrum based methodology. In the Daily Scrum meeting, the team members present brief details of what they have done, what they are going to do, and whether they are facing any problems that could prevent them from proceeding, or delay them, or something similar. So in effect, what each team member needs to present (or rather, just give a brief update) is the following:
– What they have done since the last meeting
– What they plan to do till the next meeting
– Any impediments that block them
Now, these meetings are supposed to be brief, and any discussion that could arise from these points will not happen in this meeting, instead happening after the meeting. Having a daily meeting that gets longer is frustrating to the team members, so there is every effort to ensure that these meetings remain short and brief. At the same time, there are a number of Scrum teams that do a basic status check about their overall progress in these meetings, looking at the current state of their tasks on a Scrum board, something that allows the team and the Scrum Master to quickly review their current status and determine whether they are on track or not.
For this kind of quick check to work, it is required that the team members update the status of their task in the Scrum task tracking tool before the meeting. Since most teams have the meeting early in the day, most teams follow the dictum that team members will update the status of their tasks in the tool at the end of the previous day. This ensures that when there is a quick check of the scrum board in the Daily Scrum meeting, it has already become accurate and people have the latest information.
However, like any other situation, there could be problems in this kind of process. Once in a while, you will come across team members who do not follow these guidelines (even if the team have discussed these and agreed on the timing of the update) and want to update their actual task status in the Scrum Board during the Daily Scrum. This is a problem since it means that the Daily Scrum takes more time to complete, and the people who are doing their work properly wonder why this is happening, and why things are not getting resolved and rectified. In all such cases, it is critical to ensure that the team knows that this is a problem, knows the problems that happen when team members do something like this, and it is essential that the team resolves this. This could mean renewed pressure on the team members who do this more often than not; in one case we had the team members prepare a report which sent an update out in the morning of all those folks who have not updated their tasks status right in the next morning.

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