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Scrum: Informing the team about a meeting held for design or architectural change during the Daily Scrum

For those people who work on software projects using the Scrum based development methodology, the concept of the Daily Scrum meeting would have been drilled into their head and they would know the concepts:
What does each team member bring:
– An update on what they have done since the previous such meeting (typically the previous working day)
– What they are planning on doing till the next meeting
– Any issues that is blocking them and which needs to be resolved
These meetings need to be crisp and quick without it seeming that somebody is hurrying the meeting to a closure. So, when team members come to the meeting, they only carry with them information related to the above 3 points. Suppose somebody points out an issue that is blocking them, a design issue that in turn is related to a doubt on the requirements and which needs clarification from the Product Owner. It is not expected that in the Daily Scrum, the person will actually start a discussion related to this problem, or encourage any such discussion. Once such discussions start happening in the Daily Scrum, you will lose the concept of the meeting getting over quickly. This eventually makes it more frustrating for team members who are not interested in sitting through discussions where nothing of interest to them is discussed, and you will start to find people skipping the meeting and so on.
At the same time, another problem is always present – which is about ensuring that the relevant people are there for meetings where clarifications or discussions on the impediments are held. So, when there is a design or workflow confusion and a meeting has been organized to resolve this, it is essential that all the team members who have a stake in the resolution of the issue do make it to the meeting, else there will be confusion between the team members over this. So, if there is a discussion, then the developer, the person who is going to be testing it, the Product Owner, and other team members who have a dependency on this workflow need to attend. How do you ensure that everybody knows that there is going to be such a meeting ? Well, you can drop the initial thought of only limiting the Daily Scrum meeting to just these 3 single statements; instead you can ensure that when anybody talks about an impediment that they are facing and for which a meeting has already been setup, they can mention the meeting details so that anybody who is interested in the meeting can turn up there. This ensures that there is no discussion on this topic in the meeting, and at the same time, everybody is aware of where the meeting is going to be held and when, which should ensure that everybody who needs to know will be there in the meeting. This could be a requirements modification meeting or a detailed technical meeting, but the concept of informing the team remains the same.

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